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Coorporate events

Sailing activity is a great way to take your team away from their daily routines and develop team skills.

Many of the challenges of sailing are common to the business world: adaptability, ability to follow scenarios and develop strategies to lead the company through new challenges.

Some sailing notions are essential to manage, lead, conquer and win. Running a business is like sailing a sailing boat.

On board, the wind helps navigation, but without competent steering you will never reach your destination. In companies, this energy comes from people, from market opportunities, but without good leadership and resource management, especially human resources, objectives will fall by the wayside.


Sport events

Training Camps
Fleet racing
Sailors League racing format 

Specially designs sailing programs for you and your team.


J70 Academy

J 70 Academy – Vilamoura is based in the Marina de Vilamoura, south of Portugal.

The J 70 Academy – Vilamoura is part of the famous Vilamoura Sailing Center, the biggest sailing center in the world.

A range of services provided by Vilamoura Sailing makes this venue a perfect choice for your J70 Training Camps and sailing events.

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